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Maui Pool Cleaning & Spa Cleaning Services

We offer Daily and Weekly Pool and Spa Cleaning

We provide service 6 days a week for Residential and Commercial clients. See the difference in your swimming pool and spa with our comprehensive maintenance services. Don’t hesitate to ask about our cartridge filter cleaning, sand changes, drain and refills and efficiency analysis. We understand the importance of providing proactive pool and spa cleaning. That’s why we perform our 10 points of service each and every visit, guaranteeing a safe, clean, and balanced pool week in and week out. Take time to discuss our pool and spa service plans with us.

Proactive Pool and Spa Cleaning:

  • Brush Walls
  • Scrub Water-Line Tile
  • Skim the Surface of Pool/Spa
  • Vacuum the Pool/Spa
  • Check and Balance Chemicals
  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Equipment and Leak Inspection
  • Backwash Sand Filters As Needed
  • Clean Salt Cells As Needed
  • Maintain and Ensure Proper Pool/Spa Water Level
NSPF certified pool spa operator

Let Cherry Pools help you lower your environmental impact on the ocean.

  • Do you have a sand filter?
  • Do you know where your backwash drains?
  • Does it dump into the Ocean?
  • Do you know when you backwash you’re polluting the Ocean with chlorinated water?

We can eliminate the negative impact your current filtration system is having on the ocean.
We can install a cartridge filter thereby eliminating backwashing. In addition to conserving water, you will be saving money and filtering your pool more efficiently. Let Cherry Pools change your sand filters to cartridge filters.

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