FAQ’s & Pricing for Pool and Spa Owners


This is a question we receive often over the phone, often in the form of: “Can you give me a quote to clean my pool?”

On this page, we explain why it would be difficult to give an accurate bid over the telephone for the services we provide. For clarity, we’ve categorized the elements that comprise each estimate.


  • Is there a gate? Is there more than one? Do they function as they should or are they in disrepair? Gate issues have often proved time consuming.
  • How far is the walk from the truck to the pool? 9/10 times this is a non-issue when building an estimate but it is something we are conscious of when estimating how much time it will take to service the pool.
  • How far is the walk from the pool to the pump room? This is also usually a non-issue but still a consideration when creating a quote.
  • Is there a pet that needs to be put away each visit in order to perform service? If an aggressive animal has not been put away we will not be able to perform service and will need to return another day.

Size and Use

  • Is there a spa? Is the spa connected or separate? If the spa is a separate body of water, we will test the Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity and balance as needed.
  • Is there a trough, if so, how large is it? If there is a trough we will scrub the water line tile, brush the walls, net as needed and vacuum.
  • Are there pets and do they use the pool? If your pets are using the pool it may prove more challenging to keep the water balanced and it may lead to your filter needing more frequent cleaning.
  • The size of the pool and the estimated gallons. A larger body of water will require more labor and more chemicals.
  • Is the landscaping pool friendly? Is there grass, bamboo, plumeria etc. near the pool? A beautifully landscaped yard may involve more labor and chemicals to maintain, compared to a pool surrounded by concrete.
  • Are the landscaper’s pool friendly or do they treat it like a rubbish bin? However, if the beautiful yard is maintained by conscientious landscaper’s it can make all the difference. We recommend purchasing a telescopic pole and a net for landscaper’s to use when they are finished.
  • How many people are using the pool on a regular basis? Heavier bather load equates to the need for more sanitizer ie. Chlorine.
  • Is the pool being used everyday? A pool being enjoyed everyday will require more sanitizer than one that is rarely used.
  • Is the pool filled with toys on the bottom and the top? It takes extra time to remove or work around and often the cleaner will be clogged by a toy.

Cleaning System

  • Is there a in-ground suction-side vacuum cleaner and is it in proper working order? We recommend this type of pool cleaner to keep the bottom of your pool clean in-between our visits.
  • Is there a in-ground pressure-side vacuum cleaner and is it in proper working order? These will pick up rubbish and debris, but they will not pick up dirt and they will not scrub. In addition, we do have to bring our own vacuum hose due to the incompatibility thus creating additional labor.
  • Is there a pop-up or caretaker pool cleaning system? With this system we bring our own vacuum hose, incurring extra labor.
  • How many skimmer’s are there and are they located in a serviceable area? We empty the skimmer baskets at each service and they should be located where we can safely reach them.


  • Is the water balanced? Do we need to treat it with additional chemicals to ensure your safety? We measure the Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity every service and record those numbers on your invoice. The Chlorine level parameter’s that we adhere to are 1.0-3.0 PPM (parts per million) to maintain a safe, effective level of sanitization. The range we maintain for pH is 7.2-7.8. The Alkalinity range we abide by is 70-130 PPM. If the levels aren’t maintained within these parameter’s issues can occur.
  • Is the Cyanuric acid level too high or too low? This is the conditioner/stabilizer that enables the sanitizer to perform its’ function, it should be maintained at 30-70 PPM, if it’s not balanced your pool will have a difficult time maintaining a safe level of sanitizer.


  • Is the pool filtered via a sand, d.e. or cartridge filter(s)? If a sand or d.e. is present we will need to take extra time to backwash these filters at various intervals based on tank pressure. In addition, if it is a salt pool, due to the nature of this process, you will experience salt depletion. We recommend cartridge filters not only due to the aforementioned but because they filter the water in a more effective, efficient manner. In addition, you will reap the cost saving benefit of water and salt conservation.

Equipment and Sanitation

  • Is the pool equipment functional, efficient, ergonomically viable and safe? We analyze the workability of the pump room with consideration for our safety and what is in working order and what might need some attention in the form of repairs or upgrades or programming for more efficiency and cost savings.
  • How is the pool being sanitized? salt chlorine generator (SCG), in-line or off-line chlorinator, floating chlorine or bromine dispenser? All of these methods have their advantages but the SCG system is the most time consuming to maintain.